The Magic of Christmas

by Anugraha Mohan, Creative Director –

Mistletoe, snowflakes, Santa and his Reindeers, wine, cake and decors, Christmas is magical indeed with all its fantasies. There’s no stopping to Christmas cheering. With our feet tapping to its jingles, the carolling, cake baking, the unending shopping, gifts sharing and the joy it brings filling our hearts and homes magically with the warmth of the birth of Christ, even on a cold and frosty winter evening. It goes needless to say how much excitement and expectation not just the kids but also the grown-ups have especially for Christmas this year. Sailing past each covid wave is sure a victory to celebrate with even if no trophies, at least some toffees…I can hear you, why stop with toffees when we can party on with delicious cakes and pastries right?

No occasion seems fulfilled without a cake that sticks to your tastebuds and reminds you of its flavour, sets you craving for more until you’ve got to taste it the very next time. Well, I have news for you folks of Coimbatore. Let me introduce you to one such memorable hangout owned by a sweet person I got to interact with. The sculptor of pastries and owner of the renowned cafeteria Kovai KRS Bakery Naresh I parted refreshed with good tidings for Christmas. I’ll spill some beans for you to collect of course. Hear-say there is a treat to our eyes that awaits, taking splendid forms, colours and shapes in an exhibit of cakes at Kovai KRS Bakery starting 20th December 2022, spread until the New Year 2023. Each year the exhibition picks on a theme for cakes based on what that sets mood for the year. Likewise, we could catch on some fever that sets the trend this year as well. Keep guessing until you get to see…

Every celebration calls for a reason to bag a new dress, without which it feels so incomplete. Taking up on a conversation with Siva Ganesh who owns and displays a magnificent array of collection at Shree Devi Textiles exuberantly shares a vast growth in sales this year with a variety of fashionable dresses stacked up in his boutique which needs no introduction to know. One must sure go checkout themselves to get impressed and amazed by their fancy collections. It is so easy for you to go lost going through their palatial display of sarees, suits and dresses. There is not a single shade one could miss or any attire you cannot find with Shree Devi Textiles being the trendsetter, owning the largest clothing collection in our Cotton City.

Music, concerts, carols, cakes, clothes and with all the celebrations, there is no space for covid in our fast-paced Coimbatore anymore. From babies to nana nanies, Christmas brings the greatest cheer of the year. This is that time of the season for reconstructing and regaining, the past and lost glory. With hymns of Gloria and Halleliah, we welcome Christ in our midst and Christmas in our city. There is so much room for renewed Hope, never ending Joy and boundless Love to be reborn in our Hearts to reconstruct ourselves marching forward for the most Magical New Year!!

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