State Bank order against gender equality should be withdrawn:

The circular issued by State Bank on 31.12.2021 regarding appointments is shocking. It has been condemned by democratic organizations, Mather movements and trade unions across the country.
State Bank is the largest government bank with 250000 employees out of which 62000 are women employees. There is no other bank that offers so much employment in the banking sector. But it is painful to see such a large bank shrink so much in terms of gender net position.

Although women are on the job selection list during pregnancy, they will not be offered employment if they have reached 3 months of gestation. They are “temporarily ineligible”. They will be “allowed to return to work 4 months after delivery”. what does it mean? If women have a 3 month gestation period they should wait at least 7 months even if they have all the qualifications for a bank assignment. What an injustice!

Does it affect women psychologically? Isn’t it also important to ensure a calm mental state during pregnancy? For some, immediate employment may be the key to moving their lives around. Shouldn’t government companies be the “Model Employer”?

What about the management of the State Bank, which is taking away their place in the Indian society, which has a culture of getting up and boarding even pregnant women on the bus? It is an expression of blatant, pseudo-feminist thinking. Contrary to the equality guaranteed by Articles 14,15,16 of the Constitution of India. Blatantly violating Section 16 (2) of the Penal Code, which does not discriminate on the basis of sex.

Women do not ask for sympathy from you. Asking for rights. Women’s rights have all been won by social reform movements and Mather organizations through long struggles. What is the position of women in the private sector if a government agency does not function within the equality ideology of modern society and the view of gender equality?

State Bank of India circular should be withdrawn today, the injustice done to pregnant women should be removed
I have written letters to Finance Minister Nirmala and the Chairman of the State Bank

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