Road construction work in areas under Madurai Corporation will be completed soon: Minister P. Murthy

Madurai Corporation Zone 1 Anaiyur, Koodalnagar and Zone 2 Tiruppalai, Kannanandal for the construction of new tarred roads, the Minister of Commerce and Registration P. Murthy, Initiator: Under the order of the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, the work in all departments is well done Is being taken. Accordingly, various development projects are being carried out in the areas of Madurai Corporation. Extended areas of Madurai Corporation such as Koodalnagar, Anaiyur, Sambandar Alangulam, Tirupalai, Kannanandal, Parasuramanpatti, Athikkulam, Uthankudi, Naganakulam Capital grant fund to upgrade various roads that are damaged during the rainy season .Under the Tamil Nadu Urban Roads Development Project Fund for the year 2021-22 and 2021-22 A project estimate was prepared for the improvement of roads under the Madurai Corporation areas and a tender was sought. Accordingly, in the first phase, 103 tar roads are to be upgraded at an estimated cost of Rs. 16.32 crore. He said that all these works will be completed soon. On this occasion, Cholavanthan was the Member of the Legislative Assembly Venkatesh, Commissioner Maru K.P. Karthikeyan, Urban Engineer (P) Government, Assistant Commissioner, Datsinamoorthy, Acting Engineer Baskaran, Assistant Process Engineer Ravichandran, Public Relations Officer Maheswaran, Health Officer Rajkannan, Assistant Engineer Corporation officials, including Subramanian Many members of the public attended

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