Motorcyclists using the railway tunnel suffer from waterlogging: legislator involved in repair work

Virudhunagar District Rajapalayam Area, Rajapalayam – Vembakkottai On the road, the construction of a railway flyover has been going on for the last four years. Currently, the railway flyover works are progressing rapidly and vehicles are moving around. Also, two-wheelers have difficulty getting around. In particular, two-wheelers and school and college students use the Ganapathyapuram railway tunnel. During the rainy season, the road is flooded, making it impassable for vehicles. Also, due to the high level of debris, there is a risk of motorists falling down and getting injured.
Legislator Thangapandian visited the area and put cement-mixed silt on top of the stagnant water in the area and temporarily repaired the roads for motorcyclists. Thangapandian MLA in the process of repairing the road by putting down cement gravelHas been involved. The people of the area demanded the legislator to make way for a diversion to the water so that the water would not stagnate in the area. Member of the Legislative Assembly Thangapandian said that it will be fixed soon.

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