In the orchard, the Thaipusam festival

Near Melur, Murugan Admirable fruit as the Sixth Battalion of the Lord Thaipusam festival held in the garden,
Held without the permission of the devotees . Alhagar near Melur, Madurai district In the temple, Muruga Considered to be the sixth abode of the Lord, the orchard Sholaimalai Murugan Temple concluded its 10-day Thaipusam festival with the Tirthwari and Maha Purnakuthi. In connection with this Thaipusam festival which started with the flag hoisting on the 9th of last month, various anointings and worships were performed daily for Lord Murugan and he awoke daily in each vehicle as a chariot, lion chariot, camel chariot, horse chariot, silver chariot, and chandelierHe returned to the inner sanctum of the temple.Following this, the main event of the festival today, Lord Murugan awoke with Goddess Valli and the Tirthawari and Maha Purnakudi was held in the Tirtha tank in front of the temple. The ceremony was attended by the temple priests, officials and staff only with proper security without the permission of the devotees as per the government order as a precautionary measure against the spread of corona

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