Farmers suffer due to non-payment for three months for paddy purchased near Alankanallur:

Paddy was procured from more than 120 farmers in the last 3 months through the Kalvelipatti Primary Agricultural Cooperative Credit Union near Alankanallur, Madurai District. Of these, farmers are most concerned as the remaining 60 farmers, who were paid 60 rupees, have not been paid for three months. In this regard, the farmers there say:
For the last 9 months we have been cultivating paddy by mortgaging jewelery and household items for paddy planting. Also, the paddy had been procured by the authorities from a procurement center near the Kalveli Patti Primary Agricultural Cooperative Society for the last 3 months. But, to date no payment has been made. In this regard, he regularly went to the officer daily and complained that he had not yet been paid. Also, paying Rs 50 as commission for a bundle of paddy We are waiting. That too from our own money We are asking you to give us something. They refuse to give the right answer. If the officials there go to the authorities and ask about this, the farmers will be scolded in unison. Therefore, the farmers of this area are asking the district administration and the Tamil Nadu government to intervene and take immediate action to get the money to the farmers Have .

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