Farmers busy preparing win

Madurai District Cholavanthan, Vadippatti, Alankanallur area, won before the Pongal festival Preparation work has intensified. In agony for not getting the right price There are farmers. Didi Pongal is a celebration of the heritage of the Tamils It is the tradition of the Tamils ​​to start the festival with a sweet Pongal. For this sweet pongal Flavoring is not superfluous if the cane is beaten. In this case, Madurai District, Taib in Alankanallur area Sugarcane farmers are actively preparing delicious sugarcane jam for Pongal. The machine-squeezed cane juice is boiled in a large round cauldron and after removing the contaminants in it, it is poured into a wooden pot. After the viscous dries, it is rolled into a skull and graded into 10 kg and 30 kg bags Divided. In the region, Mandavellam is produced in Chennai, Tuticorin, Ramanathapuram, Virudhunagar including space Districts, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Space including Karnataka
Shipping to States. However, currently 30 kg Sugarcane farmers are worried that they will lose money due to the reduction in the price of a bag of 1200 rupees. Have reported. Also, labor wages, cost of production
Due to the increase, the farmers said that if the Tamil Nadu government permanently fixes the price at Rs. 1700 per 30 kg bag, the sugarcane farmers will be able to make a profit

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