Drinking Water Supply on Development Project Works

Additional Chief Secretary to Government, Department of Municipal Administration and Water Supply, Mr. Sivadasmina, Director, Municipal Administration, on various development projects being carried out in Madurai Corporation. Pa. Ponnaya, conducted the study. The construction work of the Rs 47.72 crore cultural center at Tamukkam Maidan under the Madurai Corporation Smart City project will cross the river at an estimated cost of Rs 23.17 crore to ease traffic congestion at the Kuruvikaran Road junction in MaduraiUnder the final phase of work to convert the ground bridge into a high level bridge, pipes and overhead tanks will be installed under the Amrut project to supply drinking water from the Mulla Periyar Dam to 100 wards in the Madurai Corporation at an estimated cost of Rs. 1295.76 croreWork is in progress.Under it, they inspected the construction work of an overhead drinking water tank with a capacity of 10 lakh liters at Anna Nagar SMP Colony. Following this, a review meeting was held at the Scholar Anna Palace Smart City Seminar Hall on the Corporation’s administration and various ongoing development projects. Construction of underground sewers for extended areas of Madurai Corporation, supply of drinking water pipes, provision of drinking water to 100 ward areas of the Corporation, construction of roads, installation and maintenance of new street lights, sanitation work in Corporation areasCarrying out solid waste disposal under the Solid Waste Management Plan, teaching of corporation schools, specialized trainings, tax collection works, drawing and building permits, 247 demographic division works, damaged and dangerous private and government buildingsExtensive research on various works including demolition and disposal without harm to the public.Taken.
In this study, the district administration chief Dr. Anish Sehgar. Commissioner Maru K.P. Karthikeyan, Deputy Commissioner Sangeetha, city Engineer Government, Municipal Officer Maru.Raja, Public Relations Officer
Maheswaran, Assistant Commissioners, dhakshanamoorthy, amirthalingam, Sureshkumar, Assistant Commissioner (Revenue) A. Rengarajan, Assistant Commissioner (Accounting) Visalachchi, Assistant Process Engineer (Project)
Subbudai, Education Officer Corporation officials including Adhiramasuppu, Assistant Process Engineers, Process Engineers were present.

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