Credit to women’s groups on the occasion of the birthday of the revolutionary leader MGR on behalf of the Amma People’s Progressive League

On the eve of MGR’s 105th birthday, loans were given to women’s groups in Cholavandan on behalf of the Madurai Suburban North District Fishermen’s Team. Madurai Suburban North District Secretary Melur Saravanan Consulting
About 5 lakh worth of loans were provided to self-employed women for small businesses, including the purchase of dairy cows and sewing machines. Presented at Cholavanthan by the arrangement of Fishermen Team District Secretary Dr. Balu.The event was attended by Vadippatti Union Secretary Rajan, Cholavanthan Perur Secretary Satyaprakash, Vadippatti Perur Secretary Madan, Youth District Secretary Veeramari Pandian, administrators Pandian and the women’s team. Credit recipients expressed their gratitude to the Mother People’s Progressive Association.

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