Chief Minister provided welfare assistance through video in the areas

The Chief Minister provided welfare assistance through video at the Panchayat Union school premises in Mudalaikulam village, Sellampatti Union, near Cholavanthan.
The meeting was attended by villagers including Union Councilor Aravindan, Panchayat President Poongodi Pandi and Grama Nirbhaya Officer Kamaraj. Welfare assistance was provided including old age allowance, Patta. The crop loan was provided by two women’s self-help group loans. In Arasamarathupatti village, village administration officer Pavithra, panchayat leaders Pandi Maharajan and Panchayat Union Secretary Malaichamy were present. Kaliyuga Nathan, Grama Niladhari, Panchayat President, Wickramangalam Village, Balpandi, Panchayat Secretary, Vadippatti Panchayat Union, Satish, Revenue Analyst, Melakkal Village, Subramanian, Union Councilor, Murugeswari Veerapathiran, Panchayat President. Village public including Chairman Chithandi, Village Administrative Officer Masanam were present. Here, welfare benefits such as old age allowance for 12 persons, lease for sixty three persons, loan for 20 persons and death relief for one person were provided. Similarly, in Chittalangudi village, the village public including the village administration officer Pon Pandi were present.

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