Arattu Festival for Iyappan

Madurai district, The Arattu festival was held at the Ayyappan temple at Cholavanthan, and on the south bank.
Every year, the Arattu festival is held here. Similarly, Kannan Patta and Prasanth Sharma led the Yagpuja at the South Coast Ayyappan Temple early yesterday morning this year. Following this, Ayyappaswamy adorned the elephant and Ayyappa devotees sang devotional songs. Milk for Ayyappaswamy on the organized stage .There were 21 anointings, including yogurt, anointing with ghee, and anointing with holy water. Ayyappaswamy festival was held in the water of Vaigai river. From there Ayyappa Devotees chanted. Later, Ayyappa Swami awoke and decorated the mandapam on the bank and a special puja was held. Again Ayyappa Swami rode on the elephant and reached the temple. Alms were given to everyone here. In this festival the South Coast, Wickramangalam, Uthukkuli, Devotees from Cholavanthan came in large numbers Were. Devotees of the South Coast Ayyappan Temple had made arrangements for the festival.
Similarly, Yagpuja was held at the Cholavanthan Ayyappan Temple under the leadership of the priest Shanmugavel.
Following this, Ayyappan sat on an elephant and proceeded from the temple to the Mariamman Sanctuary, Kadiveedi, South Kurathaveedi, Melarathaveedi to the Vaigai River where 12 anointings and ghee anointing including milk and yoghurt took place for Ayyappan. Following this, the anointing with holy water took place.
Later, an arattu ceremony was held for Ayyappan in Vaigai. Ayyappan was adorned and the devotees sat on the elephant and sang devotional Bajna songs and came to Audi

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