A graduate student with aeronautical engineering can apply with a note stuck in a mousetrap in a modern way:

Urban local body elections in Tamil Nadu are heating up. With the 19th Lok Sabha elections coming up, the respective parties are also releasing candidate lists for corporations, municipalities and boroughs.
In this situation, independent candidates are increasingly interested in contesting elections.
In 100 wards in Madurai Corporation, a large number of independent candidates are contesting.
.Meanwhile, Jaber Serif, a 28-year-old graduate in Aircraft Maintenance, filed his nomination with Election Officer Rangarajan at the Corporation’s Zonal Office today to contest for Ward No. 3 in Zone 1, Madurai Corporation.
He studied Aerocroft Maintenance at the Training Center of the School of Aeronautics Institute in Delhi and is currently working as an aeronautical engineer at Dubai Airport. Earlier, the nominee, Jaber Sheriff, wore a code suit with a mouse trap in his hand and a banner saying, “You’re the one who stuck the money in the trap and sold the hole for the money.” He said his promise was to continue to turn his ward into a model ward and that educated graduate youth should come to politics and not get caught up in the rat trap of getting money for elections

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