Coimbatorean creates cycling record of 623 kms in 24 hours


Amongst the youths who ride their two wheelers for the shops nearby, a Coimbatore youth with an idea to create awareness on health and
exercise had created a record by
cycling for 623 kilometers in 24 hours.
G.D Vishnuraam (40) hailing from R.S.Puram, Coimbatore has made his place in Asian Book of Records and Indian Book of Records by
riding a cycle for 623 kilometres in 24 hours. Speaking on his achievement,
Vishnuraam said, “I have cycled the maximum number of kilometers in 24 hours as an individual in the men’s category, and set a record in the Indian Book of Records and Asian book of Records. I have been cycling for 12 years and I decided
to create a record by riding a bicycle to create awareness on Obesity.
I started at Coimbatore Airport on August 8 at 11 am and reached
Kanyakumari via Salem, Madurai and Tirunelveli. In total, I travelled
623 kilometers in 23 hours and 53 minutes.
This is a record for travelling the longest distance on a bicycle in 24 hours.
The training for the record
attempt started a month before and
I used to ride 200 km per week.
I work out in gyms regularly to maintain my fitness and do regular marathons. I completely changed my food habits and had good cont rol over my diet. On the record day, I had only fruits till I reached Salem from Coimbatore Airport. I had a very light dinner when I reached Karur at night and completed my
record journey in Kanyakumari.
Similarly on July 7, 2020,
Vishnuraam along with his friend Aravind Sangameswaran (38) have achieved a record for Maximum
distance covered by 2 people in a carin 24 hours, getting into the India book of records. This feat started at Bangalore Airport on July 7th, via Hyderabad to Nagpur and back. They had covered 2,153 kilo meters in 20 hours and 42 minutes. This record was a tribute to all frontline workers and to create awareness for vaccination.
Vishnuraam says “Age is just a number. A fit and healthy body is the
greatest asset that one can

possess. So from children to adults, every one should be involved in some form of exercise and sports. Healthy eating and a
fitness routine should become a part of our lifestyle.”
And when asked if he has been involved in any record-breaking endeavours in the future, he says, “Yes, I’m trying to get into the Guinness Book of
World Records trying to achieve another record by February 2022. “

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