Brick seekers, not a single brick was planted: Mess in the Jallikattu online post

Former minister RP Udayakumar, legislator Iyappan and former legislator SS Saravanan were vaccinated at the Madurai Medical College following a booster vaccination given to a frontline worker. Following that, he told reporters:
Proud to have created 11 medical colleges in one year, Edappadiyar belongs to the OPS-led mother state. In particular, 414 acres of land for these 11 medical colleges were handed over to the Central Government on behalf of the Revenue Department. Following that, the building was built today as the federal government gave permission and explored it and confirmed that it was a suitable site for a medical building. The central government has contributed Rs 2140 crore for this. So far there are 37 medical colleges in Tamil Nadu. Of this, an additional 1450 medical posts will be available through the creation of an additional 11 medical colleges. In addition, one and a half crore people in the area and surrounding areas will benefit There are 360 ​​medical colleges in India. In which, the mountain
There was a medical college only in Himachal Pradesh. Currently, to start a medical college for the Nilgiris district
Has. Former Chief Ministers Edappadi Palanichamy and OBS laid the foundation stone for these 11 medical colleges. Currently, the Prime Minister is opening with a video presentation. Therefore, on behalf of the Mother Council, we would like to thank the Prime Minister of India, former Chief Ministers Edappadi and the OPS.
430 students are benefiting from the Mother Government’s provision of 7.5 per cent internal quota in medical education for students studying in government schools. At present, we welcome the implementation of the Chief Minister for all departmental subjects following it. Jallikkattu Traditional Sports, It must be conducted without hindrance. There is a possibility of various glitches in the online booking process which has been announced to hold javelin throwing competitions. There are fears that qualified players and cows may be denied the opportunity.
The district administration should take appropriate guidance to ensure that eligible bulls participate in the competition.
The guidelines of the state are full of contradictions This needs to be formalized. 224 acres of land were handed over to the Central Government to build the Ames Hospital. The DMK government, which has sought publicity by mentioning the AIIMS hospital with bricks, has not planted a single brick so far. The DMK government is focused on seeking publicity. He said that the AIADMK government plans to seek fame through .

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