My ambition is to make rural youth into achievers in Sports! – South Indian Cricket Association President A.P. Muruganantham


South Indian Cricket Association President A.P. Muruganantham says that his ambition is to make rural youth of India, international achievers in the field of sports.

A.P. Muruganantham is one of the commanders who made our Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dream come true with the ambition of creating a healthy India (Fit India). We can all be proud that this young man who is working towards the goal of making future generations healthier and creating international achievers in sports is from the Kongu region.

A.P. Muruganandham has held various positions in the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and is currently the BJP All India Youth Vice President. He has also fully engaged himself in the zealous work of bringing the central government’s public welfare programmes across the country.

Beloved by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah, he has traveled to various states, including Kerala and the North East, to work for the growth, development and security of the people of the region.

Born to Palanisamy-Valliyathal, he belongs to a farming family and he had completed his higher secondary education in Perks School. Later, he did his B.E. Mechanical at the Tamil Nadu College of Engineering in Coimbatore. He completed his MBA and went on to complete his Bachelor’s degree in Law. A.P. Muruganantham, who was interested in social welfare, sports and people development from an early age, has travelled to many states as the Prime Minister’s representative and implemented his projects. He has also been incharge for a number of areas under the direct supervision of the Prime Minister.

Economic study in China

Before going abroad, Prime Minister Modi discusses with the visiting delegation about the implementation of several projects and he was one of the delegates and discussed notable projects. Apart from this, he has visited various foreign countries and raised the pride of India. In particular, he visited China on behalf of the Indian Economic Council to study economic development and industrial development and submitted the report to the Prime Minister.

Life journey with the sports

Beyond all this, he is very much concerned about sports and health. A.P. Muruganantham, whose motto is “Continue the journey of life with sports… it will give health to body and mind” he said, ” I have been interested in sports since I was a child. While in school I participated in the long distance marathon and won many prizes. While in college, I played intercollegiate cricket.

I was devastated to see so many friends fail to succeed on the field of sports due to lack of opportunity and guidance, despite good talent.

Despite the talent, many young people have not been able to make progress due to political reasons, interruptions, crises and economic problems. In particular, I was frustrated that rural youth could not make great progress.

Many people are unable to grow in sports without good shoes, good training and nutritious food. Muruganantham said that his ambition is to change all this.

Cricket Association

He has been the Vice President of the South Indian Gymnastics Association and has been the State President of the Kickboxing Association.

“Despite the many games across the country, cricket has a huge fan base. The main reason for this is that it can be played very easily, without much expense.

Although there are many traditional games, the reason for its popularity is that they can be played at a low cost, as a team, for at least 4, 5 hours. My aim is to promote talented cricketers from rural areas across South India and make them achievers.

We are far behind in international competitions like the Olympics. While there are many talented players, there are only few who motivate them. Therefore, we plan to identify talented players across South India and provide them with the basic facilities they need, including training, environment and nutritious food.

“Like an engineer and doctor, a sport personality can earn handsome salary and improve their livlihood. A professional player can get a job in Railways, Income tax department and banks etc. We ae planning to create awareness among the rural youths in TamilNadu since they are unaware about the dozens of opportunities available in the sports sector. In addition, we plan to conduct competitions in rural areas, find talented players, train them for free, and bring them into the world view. It would be much easier to do things like this because there is great support from a big party,” he said

Let’s lend a hand to the Prime Minister’s initiative!

India taught health and yoga to the world. But, we have succumbed to various diseases due to giving up sports, exercise, yoga and addiction to fast food. It is a pity that India has become the world’s largest drug seller. While foreigners are all following the Indian diet, yoga, we are following the foreign diet, lifestyle and losing health. So, some sport should be a part of our lives. It will strengthen the body and mind. Make time to play and exercise every day. If we are healthy, our family and community will be healthy.

Everyone must work together to realize the dream of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is working to make India a healthier country, ”said Muruganantham. We wish all success to this youth who is striving to fulfill the ambition of Prime Minister Modi on the fulfillment of the mission!

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