Cycling Awareness Journey on World Obesity Day


The World Health Organization is an organization in the United Nations. The company is empowered to coordinate international public health work. The company has declared March 4, 2021 as World Obesity Day. On the eve of World Obesity Day, the company has launched an awareness campaign entitled “Everybody Needs Everybody” aimed at ending the global physical crisis and promoting practical solutions. Based on this, the World Health Organization (WHO) stated that “obese people need respect, care, protection and policy change, and stressed that everyone must unite to drive change” and then promote a brighter future, improve policies and share experiences. Obesity is a chronic, non-infectious progressive disease. Diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes are the primary treatment for obesity.

Dr. Balamurugan is one of the very few bariatric surgeons in India and Tamil Nadu. He specializes in performing Bariatric and Metabolic surgeon.On the World Obesity Day and considering the principles of the World Health Organization, Dr.S. Balamurugan, Indian Bariatrics, Rotary Coimbatore Meridians, kranksters Coimbatore Cycling Companies held a Cycling Travel Awareness Program on March 7 at 6 am at Jenney Club near Coimbatore Kodissia Area at 50 km. During this cycling trip, the cycling awareness trip was conducted on behalf of the companies to meet the essential needs such as medical safety systems, hand, foot safety gloves energy water. Around 80 people took part in this cycling awareness trip.

This cycling awareness trip promotes a good workout among the general public. This cycling event was held to reduce obesity, change people’s livelihoods, stay physically healthy and implement a simple exercise regimen.

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