Celebrating New Year’s the new way


K. Abirami

Of all the festivities, the one which rules the hearts of people of different ages is the New Year celebrations.

New year Day is celebrated on January 1, the first day of the widely accepted Gregorian calendar. People like celebrating New Year’s because it gives them a sense of positivity and enthusiasm about lots of new beginnings, and a chance to celebrate making it through another of 365 days. Each year, around the globe, New Year’s Day is celebrated with great fervour and merrymaking. A new year marks a new beginning.

New year celebrations in history date back 4,000 years back. The historic city of Babylon organized festivities when Equinox came to be considered as the beginning of the year. Under the rule of Julius Caesar, the calendar was altered to include 90 more days to the year in order to align the Roman calendar with the movement and position of the sun. With this reorganization, the modern calendar that we have today came to be followed. The Julian calendar had a lot of resemblance to the modern day Gregorian calendar.  January 1 came to be considered as the New Year day and thus the world started celebrating New Year on this day.  

The name January is named after Roman God of Beginnings, Janus.  Janus is depicted with two faces to indicate that he looks at the past and future simultaneously. On this day, the Romans decorated their houses gorgeously and also exchanged gifts with near and dear. During the medieval times in Europe, the Christian leaders stressed people to celebrate the New Year on December 25 in order to mark the birth of Jesus Christ. Later in 1582, Pope Gregory XIII brought back the tradition of celebrating New Year on January 1.

New Year’s celebrations begin on the evening of December 31, the New Year’s Eve and continue into the early hours of January 1. In Spain, people bolt down a dozen grapes-symbolizing their hopes for the months ahead-right before midnight. In many parts of the world, traditional New Year’s dishes feature legumes, for examples include lentils in Italy and black-eyed peas in the southern United States. Because pigs represent progress and prosperity in some cultures, pork appears on the New Year’s Eve table in Cuba, Austria, Hungary, Portugal and other countries. Ring-shaped cakes and pastries, a sign that the year has come full circle, round out the feast in the Netherlands, Mexico, Greece and elsewhere. In Sweden and Norway, rice pudding with an almond hidden inside is served on New Year’s Eve.  In the United States, the most iconic New Year’s tradition is the dropping of a giant ball in New York City’s Times Square at the stroke of midnight.

People in all parts of India dress colorfully and indulge in fun filled activities such as singing, playing games, dancing, and attending parties. Night clubs, movie theatres, resorts, restaurants and amusement parks are filled with people of all ages.People greet and wish each other Happy New Year. Exchanging messages, greeting cards and gifts are part and parcel of the New Year celebration. Larger cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai organize live concerts which are attended by cine stars and other well-known personalities.

Though New year’s is a great time for all kinds of people to enjoy, this year New year’s eve and the New Year’s Day cannot be celebrated in a pompous way as we usually celebrate. cities have canceled or modified their plans for the celebrations on New Year’s Eve due to the pandemic. Europe is currently amid a second wave of COVID -19 and, around the world, things are more uncertain than ever.  Millions of spectators gather to watch the New Year’s Eve Ball Drop in Times Square.   This year, a century-old event will be very different. Due to COVID-19, the iconic event will be held virtually. In India many states have banned the New Year’s Eve celebrations and many have decided to conduct it virtually. 

It is time we take care of our health amidst the celebrations and start the New Year afresh. We should take oath to drive away the virus which has taken the lives of millions of people in the world. 

Wishing all a Safe and Sound New Year!!!

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