First batch of three female pilots for naval Surveillance ready


For the first time in the Indian Navy, the first team of three female pilots is ready to operate an aircraft for naval reconnaissance. The Indian Navy has prepared the first batch of three female pilots for the Marine Rehabilitation (MR) mission on the Dornier aircraft. Lieutenant Divya Sharma, Lieutenant Subangi Swaroop and Lieutenant Sivangi are now operating the Dornier aircraft.

Three female pilots have been allowed to fly a naval aircraft as part of the six pilots of the 27th Dornier Operational Flying Training (TOFT) Course at the passing out ceremony held at INS Garuda at the Kochi Naval Base.The Dispatch ceremony was held at the INS Garuda naval base in Kochi.

Anthony George, Chief Staff Officer was the Chief Guest and he presented awards to three female pilots who were fully qualified to operate the Dornier aircraft.

Speaking about this, the Defence Department spokesman said, “In a bid to write a new chapter in the Indian Navy, it was decided to recruit female pilots on board the Dornier aircraft for maritime surveillance work. Accordingly, six persons were selected and trained at INS Garuda, a naval base in Kochi. A team of three people is currently on standby.

Previously, they were trained in the Air Force and Navy. Of these, Sivangi qualified as naval pilots on December 2, 2019 and 15 days later Divya Sharma and Subangi Swaroop. Later, they were formed as a team and joined as part of a team of six female pilots. This is Phase two and the most important training . This includes one month ground training, 8 months flying training in the INAS 550 Dornier Squadron. ” he said.

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