Lead your retirement life in Coimbatore, the Third Best City


Coimbatore takes the third place in the list of best cities to live in after retirement.

After all the years of working hard for the family, it is a dream for everyone to stay in a safe and peaceful place after we retire. It is important for everyone to stay in a city that provides us the amenities for the longest vacation of life, retirement. When we choose a city to retire in we would consider many things including, standard of living, healthcare amenities, climate, transportation and crime rate.

Tomorrow Makers, a multinational consulting firm, conducts various surveys on the quality of life of the people. The company recently conducted a nationwide survey of the best cities to live in after retirement by collecting various details including cost of living, rent and based on that, has listed five cities which are completely safe and peaceful to lead a retirement life.

Chandigarh tops the list followed by Pune, Maharashtra, in second place. The city of Coimbatore bags the third place with  Hyderabad, the capital of Telangana in the fourth and Dehradun, the winter capital of Uttarakhand in the last place.

In the lap of Nilgiris and Ooty, Coimbatore is the right destination to lead a comfortable retired life. Compared to the other cities in Tamil Nadu including Chennai, the cost of living is a lot lesser. The rent of the apartments is comparatively lesser than the other developed cities in Tamil nadu. Furthermore. the climate is very pleasant due to the dense forest cover around the city. The recreational facilities are also on the higher side as well as naturally connected for a peaceful retirement life. Coimbatore houses several big hospitals and clinics making it highly accessible.

The only drawback is the crime rate in the city which is slightly on the higher side than the national average according to the National Criminal Records Bureau.  When asked about this, the Coimbatore City Police said, ‘No cases of petty crimes are being registered in the northern cities which are recorded here. That’s why it seems to be higher than the national average. But, there are not many crimes like murder and robbery that people fear. “

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