Workshop on “How to Write Proposals for Funded Research Projects” organised by E-Box Colleges


​An Online Workshop on “How to Write Proposals for Funded Research Projects” was organized by E-Box Colleges. Dr. P. Nagabhushan, Director- IIT, Allahabad was the Chief Guest.

In his opening remarks, Dr. P. Balamurugan, Chief Learning Officer, E-Box Colleges introduced the faculty members and research scholars.

Dr. P. Nagabhushan, in his address, mentioned that the research proposals submitted to funding agencies must be meticulously prepared and well written. He added that the proposal must emphasize the ideas of solving the societal issues and elaborated on the various ways of writing good proposals.  Prof. Nagabushan also mentioned that the proposals must create interest in the minds of readers, reviewers, and authors too. Further, he underlined that the investigators of the proposal need to convey innovative ideas in an effective way that it attracts the readers and makes them read the proposal repeatedly.

Dr. P. Nagabhushan clarified that the organization of the proposals require a proper and sequential flow of ideas in an appealing manner. He mentioned categorically that the article prepared must have content for solving local and/or global issues in the current scenario. He stressed that the background of the research in progress across the globe must be clearly mentioned in writing so that the need for implementing the ideas proposed is of paramount importance to bridge the research gap. He also described the various Funding Agencies available in India. He concluded his address by mentioning that Collaborative Research Proposals are to be sent in such a way that the Principal Investigator or Co-Principal Investigator of the proposal have been working few projects and have an appreciable number of publications in the Domain/Area of the proposal to be submitted.

Dr. R. Pradeep Kumar R, Chief Innovation Officer, Amphisoft Technologies mentioned in his special address that a change in the Education system has to be brought for promoting Research in the minds of Budding Engineers. He emphasized that funding is the need of the hour for undertaking quality Fundamental Research. He also suggested that there must be a definite Framework and Research Foundation to promote our Startup Studios. The online workshop was attended by about a hundred Research Scholars, Professors from various Institutions and Organizations. Dr. S. Ramkumar, Director, E-Box Colleges proposed the Vote of Thanks.

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