E-Box to train government school students for NEET


​E-Box has been providing excellent online training under the guidance of Government School teachers through the learning platform of E-Box schools, for students who have applied for NEET exams in government and government-aided schools for the past two months. More than 7500 students have registered for this training.

At the request of the Tamil Nadu School Education Department, more than 100 students from Tamil Nadu Medical Colleges who have passed the NEET Exam have registered as Volunteers (Mentors) to train current Government School students for the NEET Exam. Tamil Nadu School Education Department and E-Box commends their social thinking and thanks them. Good results is expected in this year’s NEET exam with the contribution of medical students who have joined hands with the school department to realize the dream of our government school students to become doctors.

Students of these medical colleges are taking special classes from 6 pm to 7.30 pm every day. They take ten classes each in Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology. They also take Motivation Classes once a week. Students who have excelled in this training are selected and given special training and guidance by setting up WhatsApp groups district wise.

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