Good Parenting – A Need of an Hour


Shilpah Seetharaman

“I don’t go by the rule book. I lead from the heart, not the head”-Princess Diana

A little girl held her father’s neck, and asked him “Where are we going daddy? He smiled carrying her in his back saying that we are going to collect the needed things for your science project, as they instructed in your school. He carried his daughter the whole day in his back, and started teaching her about various birds and different species which they both found in a small woody area near their residence.

And on the next day, she displayed her science project at her school and to her surprise, she got first grade among her friends, what a happy face she had! That is what a parent can do, wherein she felt happy and he felt proud! It’s all not about a grades, but the precious time she spent with her daddy and as a father he inculcated the future thirst for deep learning in her. The instance explains how good parenting plays an important role in developing successful children.

A successful parent is one who raises his child in such a way, that the child has every opportunity to grow as a responsible adult, who loves all fellow humans.

A building contractor may have at his disposal the finest blueprint, and building materials available. But what if the contractor refuses to follow the building blueprint, but permits foolish shortcuts to be taken or allowing inferior materials to be substituted for the quality ones? Just like a wise contractor who makes good use of blueprints or a program of action to guide the construction of a building to its completion, parents can also use the guidelines from the forefathers and experienced people as a blueprint to bring up a child as a well behaved adult.

Each child has its own personality and they have to be dealt with as an individual. Comparing one child with another child should be strictly avoided and unfavorable treatment also affects their prosper. Children today are being rushed through their childhood into taking adult tasks at a very early age.

It’s not wrong to encourage a child’s talents or interests. But because of great interest, the parents expect their child to be an athlete, Musician or acting prodigies. For example when a child is born, the parents are already enrolling them in playschool, hoping to improve their prospects of success.

In order to bask in the glory for few moments and to secure a good living in their adulthood, some children are driven into rush through or even to forge their childhood.

In a single parent family,due to death, divorce or separation children often suffer emotionally. Of course many single-parent families manage well. But in some, the children are rushed through their childhood.

Parents should remember the following tips such as Never ever compare children with one another, all have their own individuality, Don’t expose them for fame, so that they may not be in the position of enjoying their childhood,     Parenthood is a best past where in any couple can come across in their marriage, so it’s their responsibility to produce a responsible adult.

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