Coimbatore -The Cleanest City in Tamil Nadu


Coimbatore City has topped the list of Cleanest Cities in Tamilnadu with a population of over 10 lakh people. In 2016, the ‘Swachch Bharat’ drive was launched under the Central Ministry of Housing and Urban Development.

Based on the scores obtained in the service, technological application, public opinion and field surveys, the cleanest cities are graded and given ranks every year. This year around 4,242 cities have been surveyed. The award presentation ceremony took place in Delhi; Star status was given to the garbage-free cities and no city from Tamil Nadu had applied for the award.

In terms of score, Indore city Madhya Pradesh) came first, Surat from Gujarat came second and Navi Mumbai from Maharashtra came third for the fourth year in a row. Coimbatore Corporation was ranked 40th at the national level and topped the list in Tamil Nadu. Madurai with 42nd rank was second at the national level and Chennai with 45th rank was the third.

Expressing both happiness and concern Coimbatore Corporation Commissioner Shravan Kumar said, “Though it is happy to be ranked first in the state it is still a concern that we are still in the 40th position in the Swachch Sarvekshan list. This is the rank obtained last year and there is a lack of progress. After the survey team had completed the inspection, we have purchased 157 green vehicles to sort the compostable garbage and have built and operated the garbage sorting center. We have built individual toilets and have launched biomining projects. These developments have been done after the inspection due to which it was not included in the record. “

Sharing their views, the corporation officials said, ” In our corporation, there are a sufficient number of cleaning staff. Vehicle facilities are available; Garbage composting centers have been built; Bio Gas Plant has been set up. We lose in the management and implementation of the projects.

We are lagging behind in garbage collection and sorting the garbage. Cleanest cities are graded to address environmental issues. Compostable waste should be composted; Unsorted garbage should be used for recycling. If we focus more on these two things, Coimbatore will become a garbage-free city,” they said.

A total of 6000 points are fixed for the review of cleanest cities as1500 points each are allocated by the Central government reviewing Garbage collection and warehousing service; getting Certification as a garbage-free city and a city without open-air toilets; Direct field research; and public opinion poll. Coimbatore city has 2337.11 in the total of 6000 points.
Coimbatore city is not certified under the Garbage-free city and as the city without open air toilets. So, the city has not gained the 1500 points for those terms. The city has gained 663.32 points in terms of service,842 points for direct field survey, 831.79 points from the public opinion poll and gained the total of 2337.11 points. 

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