Moderating the Elephants, this World Elephant Day



Elephants, the world’s most wonderful animals are constantly adored and venerated by individuals everywhere throughout the world. Near the very edge of observing World Elephant Day, are elephants safe in India, particularly Tamil Nadu?

Elephants are such animals which are so near the individuals yet they keep up a good ways from us. They are the pioneers of the wild and they rule their realm with quality. Elephants are the biggest land creatures on Earth, and they’re one of the most interesting looking creatures, as well. With their trademark long noses, or trunks; enormous, floppy ears; and wide, thick legs, there is no other creature with a comparable physique.

Till the last decade of the twentieth century individuals feared the wild life particularly the elephants yet with the development of the infringements of the individuals now we have attacked into the creature world and they are truth be told, fearing us.

Tamil Nadu peaks the man creature struggle and Coimbatore being the significant zone, encounters creature interference a lot. The Coimbatore Forest Division has the most bewildering number of humans going through elephant attacks in Tamil Nadu. Loss of lives just as loss of property has been disturbing the people of Coimbatore. The elephants assault over the fields, harvests and godowns searching for food which has brought the fear up in the minds of people in the edges of Coimbatore.

But are the elephants safe in our land space? Between the months of January to July around 15 elephants have died in the Coimbatore forest range. Previously the deaths were because of scarcity of food, water and living space but nowadays humans want to subdue the animal kingdom that too the elephants so that they can self- proclaim as heroes.

Lately many elephants have died due to injuries caused by crackers, ulcers in their mouths and stomachs die to eating of poisonous food items. Furthermore, elephants are being gunned down by the hunters and people for their tusks still. The state forest department has formed a special committee to study the elephant deaths reported in Coimbatore forest division.

The team is tasked to investigate and ascertain the scientific cause for each death, evaluate location and circumstances, the order said, adding that the team would also evaluate the deaths with reference to habitations, disease, other natural causes and any other reasons other than natural causes.

On one side wild elephants which intrude into human lives are captured and are trained to become kumkis. On the other hand, some are being killed without any issues to the people. It is the duty of the forest department to take care of the elephants to save both humans and the elephants.

It is not that people do not love these wild elephants as these animals have gained the love of people of Coimbatore. Chinna Thambi and Vinayagan, two elephants had been unleashing destruction in the Thadagam region in 2018 and the forest officers tried to capture them but the people of the region opposed their attempt. They even printed posters in support of those elephants.

As World Elephant Day is celebrated this month with the main aim of conserving the elephants and creating awareness about them it is our duty to take a resolution to save them for our future. It is in the possession of the individuals as we are the ones who choose fates of the individuals just as the elephants.

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