True Love and Endurance for Successful Marriage

Shilpah Seetharaman

“Understanding must precede advice” – The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Success.

“It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things” – Golden word from a proverb says. In today’s scenario it is not easy to look for a successful marriage. On a marriage day, both bride and groom share happy moments, and space for each other. Yes, on that special occasion both will be sharing a great bonding and happiness with each other. But not only the happiness they share but also vow to be made for each other on that particular day, stating that they will remain for each other on every happy and bad terms. Yes, that is too good to hear, but still why many of the couples were not able to keep up their vow and stay long lasting in their marital relationship.

Let us consider these points for successful marriage life:

True love bears the stresses and strains put upon in a marriage, while the two in this close relationship learn to be flexible and adjust to each other. True love can be positive, optimistic, and forward looking. True love is neither fickle, nor is it a passing infatuation. Real love endures, facing up to problems when the going is hard. True love has a staying power. It is strong; but with all its strength, it is kind, gentle, yielding, and easy to live with.

Love means sharing and so marriage has to be a sharing by the way. What kind of sharing here marriage talks about? Love means sharing the work and the play, the troubles and the joys, the accomplishments and the failures, the thoughts of mind and the feelings of the heart. Also sharing common goals and reaching them together, helps two people to be one, this is what makes love grow. Love is like a muscle, which is strengthened by use. Words and acts, motivated by feelings deep within us, are said to come from the heart representing our inner motivation. Daily practice of true love through little things will make such love habitual. Then, when occasional big issues arise, this love will be there, strongly entrenched, to help you cope with them.

Let us consider the different styles of approaching a problem between Men and Women:
Women usually prefer to talk out a problem before handling a situation and hearing a solution. In fact, sometimes talking will be the best solution than anything else. Men tend to think in terms of solutions, this mentality among men incomprehensible because fixing things makes a man feel useful. It is also that by offering solutions in his way, the husband tends to show his wife that she can rely on him for any issues regarding.

Practical advice to be followed for a happy married life For husbands:
Husbands can practice empathetic listening. Making an eye contact, and also following on what she says helps to make bonding strong. It is advisable to repeat the gist of points shared by her that shows you are respecting her emotion and concerned too.

For Wives:
Wife can be to the point, and be definite on what she needs rather than beating around the bush. As there is a saying, we tend to treat others the way we want to be treated. Yes, it can be very much applicable in marriage life, because both have to treat each other with care and affection for a happy married life.

Affection does Matter:
Don’t limit your expressions of affection to speech, where it can be written in notes, e-mails, or text messages. Some busy couples set aside time for regular date nights or date weekends to be together as a couple. Affection is essential for a strong marriage. Rather than demanding affection, individuals can ask themselves, What can I do to make my partner feel more affectionate toward me

Bonding, Sharing and treating the partner equal is the base of any successful marital relationship. May we follow it and Live Life happily.

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