Coimbatore Faces Two Dangers at present – C.P.Radhakrishnan

BJP National Executive Committee member CP Radhakrishnan said that there are two dangers to Coimbatore, Islamic terrorism and separate Tamil Naxal movements.

CP Radhakrishnan, a member of BJP National Executive Committee, met reporters at the BJP office in Gandhipuram, Coimbatore on Monday. Speaking on the occasion he said, “There are signs that show a recurrence of the atrocities that took place in Coimbatore in the past. The government has not acted fast in the issue of temple vandalisation. The police were not allowed to work free in this issue. The saree of the goddess in the temple has been burnt in three places in Coimbatore. It is not acceptable to claim that these acts were committed by a mentally ill person. The AIADMK government is making the same mistake that the DMK government has made in the past.

Dravidian movements do not condemn acts against Hindus. Coimbatore faces two dangers: Islamic terrorism and separate Tamil Naxal movements. The Tamil Nadu government should take action on this issue in the start itself. Those involved in the attacks on BJP executives’ houses have not been identified so far. Those involved in the attacks on BJP executives’ houses have not been identified so far. The Tamil Nadu government should not hesitate to take neutral action. The BJP will not worry about the election. The first thought is the safety of the people and the guarantee of life. It is not acceptable for the police to say that the person who attacked the temples in three places was a mentally ill person. This is a fabricated story. As the political parties are keeping quiet on the Kandhar Sashti issue, there is a need for the people to act against the Dravidian movements.

If Stalin condemns the attack on the temples, then he knows the importance of the vote of the Hindus. If the AIADMK does not wake up on this issue, it will suffer a major defeat. The Chief Minister will not let the police department be independent. We have issued the first warning to the Tamil Nadu government today. If the state government does not take action we will force the state government through the central government. Rather than saying that law and order is not good, the Tamil Nadu government should take neutral and transparent action.The fact that the police decided on the basis of the CCTV shots in one place has raised suspicions. We are going to meet the Coimbatore Commissioner of Police in person and lodge a complaint to take complete action to find out the people involved in the temple vandalisation issue.

BJP State Vice President Vanathi Srinivasan, State General Secretary G.K.Selva Kumar, State Treasurer S.R.Sekar, State President ( Farmers Team) G.K. Nagaraj, District President R.Nandha Kumar, District Vice President Madhan, District General Secretary Ramesh Kumar were present during the press meet.

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