The World of Fashion: Behind the Scenes


Shipah Seetharaman

“We’ve become so need to seeing extremely thin women; we’ve come to think this is what beautiful” – Ruth Striegel-Moore.    
It was a busy day, and everybody was too busy arranging things, few people were yelling at each other for things which are not done properly and for yet unfinished jobs. You may wonder what all was about? It’s all about a great fashion event, which is  going to be held that evening. Yes, Meghna Mathore, one of the top models, was to walk on the ramp to launch the product on that great event by that evening.

She had been a great model for the past two years, and now she is going to be the showstopper for that evening and everything had been made ready. Specially, attires and make over are well-made with keen attention for that grand event. And finally here it is the ‘Great Grand Day’ has arrived, and the show has begun all went well, most of the upcoming models went on the ramp, and it’s the time for Meghna Mathore to proceed with her confident ramp walk and to be a showstopper, to launch the product, she began her ramp so confidently and elegantly. All began well and she was on her half-way, Alas! Her dress slid down, her body was visible to the jury and the forum members where great business people have gathered. To her great disgust the press and media people had also captured this great disaster!!!

Everything toppled and the grand event turned up to a great mess.  And she was the discussing point for few months ruthlessly from then on for the people who once praised her, slowly she started to meet up her downtrend wherein she lost most of her upcoming projects too which led her to depression and paved way for drug addiction. Finally she died at a very young age due to depression. Even though it is an imaginary incident, it has a deep question about fashion, and its positive and negative aspects, which we will discuss in this article.

What is Fashion? Is the purpose of fashion to sell clothes or is it simply a method of advertising the designer’s product? How can a youngster be modest and yet fashionable? Fads usually remain uncertain, and some vanish within a few months. There is no doubt that following a fashion can help you to improve your appearance, and boost your self-confidence. The right outfit can minimize some physical flaws and even enhance your positive features.

Three Unknown Facts of Fashion

Risk of being a fashion model worldwide: The right physique is used to market everything from cars to candy bass. Spanish model Nieves Alvarez says: “Putting on weight frightened me more than dying”. Eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia can be caused by a number of other factors. The idolizing of very thin figure has led millions of young women into slavery-they become slave for thin body, and which brings few mental illness and physical issues too!!!

Fashion ads are used for advertising the designer’s name: The purpose of the fashion show may be to draw attention to the designer or the brand name more than to sell the clothes that or on display. Just look into this example, a striking collection that draws a lot of comment from the media might help to sell a designer brand perfume. Yes, from this example it is pretty clear that fashion shows are not only to sell clothes but it is also be a good platform for upgrading the brand too!!!

A Balanced view on Fashion: Self-confidence and satisfaction in life depend on much more than looking good. The good impression anything we made has to go hand in hand with our pleasant personality, if not so it will be all in vain.

Tips to Improve your Wardrobe

  • Always be considering to your needs.
  • Take up inventory ideas related to your costumes already in wardrobe.
  • Smart shopping, don’t forget that your parents have years of experience in buying clothes (Heed to them).

Each profession has its positive and negative side, likewise fashion has its good and bad terms. As a wise individual, it is everyone’s responsibility to take up this as a career and get benefited through fashion.

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