Kanimozhi is trying to do politics with the Sathankulam Incident – BJP State President L.Murugan

​DMK MP Kanimozhi who did not even visit her party MLA Anbazhagan’s house after his death is trying to do politics, alleged BJP state president Murugan.

BJP State President L.Murugan spoke to the press people in Ganapathy, Coimbatore in which he said, “We pay homage to Raj TV Cameraman Velmurugan who died lately. We are informing about the one year achievements of the Central government to each and every h​​ouse following the norms of social distancing proposed by the government.

The problems of many years have been resolved in the BJP regime. Specifically saying, the issue of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya has been solved. The pending case has been smoothly resolved and the construction of the Rama Temple has begun. Prime Minister Modi has put Article 370 in the trash which will make the lives of aboriginal people better. All laws, including triple talak, CAA have been passed.

COVID -19 has changed our lives and our country is under lockdown from March 24 and still under progress. 1.5.lakh crore rupees have been alloted as relief so that people do not suffer due to the lockdown. One Crore women were given Rs. 500 through Jandhan banks in Tamil Nadu. One crore people have been provided with food supplies for the needy on behalf of the BJP. Modi kit has been given to 30 lakh people. Apart from this, the masks and disinfectants have been given. 45 lakh people have been given masks and we are planning to give to furthermore 1 crore people.

Twenty lakh crore package has been announced by the central government’s self-reliant Bharat program. More than 20000 fishermen have been rescued. Funds have been allocated to Livestock growth, Gold Storage, MSME sectors. 10% of people in Coimbatore have been benefited through the MSME fund scheme.

A rally on the achievements of the Modi regime on behalf of the BJP will be held through video in all the constituencies. Similarly, a video conference has also taken place in which Union Minister Nirmala Sitharaman participated. BJP senior leader Muralitharan Rao, national leader J.P.Nadda and others participated in the virtual rally.

Crude oil prices are down today. But the oil companies had bought petrol six months ago and based on that they decide the price of the petrol and diesel. There will be a demand to bring petrol and diesel prices into the GST.

The Sathankulam incident is condemnable. Some are trying to make it political. The case has been handed over to the CBI. It is not right to speak bad about the entire police force because of some of the bad policemen. We welcome the decision to change the case to the CBI. The DMK MP Kanimozhi, who did not even visit his party’s own MLA’s house after his death is doing politics in the Sathankulam incident.

As for Corona, it is currently being restricted because of the planned action by all. Corona spread in Tamil Nadu only through the Tabliq Conference. The Government of Tamil Nadu is making full efforts to prevent the spread of corona. People should cooperate with it. People welcome the lockdown and if the lockdown is announced again for the benefit of the people BJP will welcome it.

State General Secretary Vanathi Srinivasan, Treasurer SR Sekhar, District President Nanthakumar and spokesperson Sabari were also present during the press meet.

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