Miniature Artist creates awareness with his New Miniature Design

​UMT Raja, a gold jewellery designer has made another miniature in silver to create awareness of Corona.

UMT Raja, a gold jewellery workshop worker from Kuniyamuthur, Coimbatore, is known for his sculptural designs and his miniature designs. He makes these designs to create awareness on various issues. Raja, who has done various sculptures in one gram of gold, has currently designed Atlas carrying the world on his shoulders with one gram of silver to emphasize that it is in our hands whether to carry or to eradicate coronavirus.

He said this is designed to emphasize that we can save ourselves from the worldwide deaths of coronavirus infections.Whatever the government takes various measures or not, the human self discipline must be followed. Furthermore, he said that it is designed with the aim to create awareness on wearing of face masks, following the social distance and keeping the hands clean.

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