Omni bus with passengers with fake e-passes taken into custody in Coimbatore


​An omni bus was taken into custody by the Karumathampatti police for entering coimbatore from Rajasthan crossing many states with fake e-passes.

Coimbatore Police have been taking actions to control the spread of CoronaVirus in the district. As a part of the actions strict checking is being done at the checkposts in the roads leading to the city. ​​On Tuesday, Police were conducting checking at the Karumathampatti checkpost in the Coimbatore – Tiruppur border. They stopped an omni bus from Rajasthan and conducted the regular checking with the 30 people in the bus in which they found out that the 30 people had fake e-passes.

As a result the police took the bus into custody and the 30 people who travelled in the bus are tested for CoronaVirus.The police are investigating the case.

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