Two Elephants Inherit Five Crores Worth Property


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​Two elephants have suddenly become Crorepatis​ as their owner transfers Rs. 5 Crore worth property to them.

​Akthar Imam, a person from Bihar has written a will transferring his property worth Rs 5 crore to his two elephants, Moti and Rani. Imam, an animal lover has bestowed his wealth to the animals instead of humans as he could not trust humans. Akhtar has been living and taking care of two of his beloved pets Moti and Rani since the age of 12. He has written in his will for the elephants to acquire his property worth Rs 5 crores in case of his demise, the animal trust he had been running would ensure the safety and well being of the elephants he is exceedingly fond of. Speaking on this, “Once, there was an attempt of murder made against me and my elephants saved me at that time. When some miscreants armed with pistols tried to enter my room my elephant started trumpeting. It woke me up and I was able to shout and raise an alarm due to which the miscreants ran away,” Akhtar said. He also said, “Animals are faithful, unlike humans. I’ve worked for the conservation of elephants for many years. I don’t want that after my death my elephants are orphaned”.

For the last 10 years, the man had been living solitary away from his wife and children for who he wrote the rest half of his property. The remaining property, worth over Rs 5 crore, includes farms, houses, and bank balance, which he has named as the elephants as the sole proprietors. Akhtar alleged that his own family members and loved ones despised him for his act and threatened to sell the animals to the smugglers. 

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