Additional Cleanliness and Hygiene Measures in Sri Krishna Sweets


Corona virus has raised awareness on cleanliness and hygiene amongst people from all walks of life. Always focused on the welfare of the customer, Coimbatore Sri Krishna Sweets is undertaking a variety of measures while preparing and selling sweets.

Employees who make sweets and savories are strictly made to adhere to safety precautions, including wearing a face mask, gloves, social distancing, and frequent hand washing. A new restriction has been put in place. All sweets and savories should be sold within 48 hours of making.

One can keep sweets and savories from Sri Krishna sweets for eight to ten days before expiring. The taste and quality will remain the same. However, this new project, which will deliver the product boards to customers in 48 hours, is managed with the help of technology. Billing software has now been modified to make it impossible to sell sweets and savories that exceed 48 hours in stores. Eco-friendly packing is done at the factory itself. This prevents too many people from handling food. It also reduces the amount of time customers have to wait in the store waiting for the sweets to be weighed and packed.

 M Krishnan, Chairman and Managing Director, Sri Krishna Sweets said that cleanliness and hygiene have become a mandatory requirement in today’s environment. Especially in the food industry requires additional cleanliness and hygiene. So we decided to pay extra attention while serving our customers. It is essential that the food is sold within 48 hours of preparation. Not only in Coimbatore, it is being implemented simultaneously but in all branches like Trivandrum and Hyderabad.

After 48 hours, we decided not to sell the sweets and savories in stores only. But the food would not have expired in 48 hours and would be fit for consumption for a few more days. It was against annatharmam to waste food, which contains the hard work of many. So we are now working with five NGOs to bring this food to the needy people. He said that sweets and savories not sold within 48 hours would be handed over to them and made available to the orphans and the elderly.

A memorandum of understanding was signed in the presence of M. Krishnan on Wednesday, June 10, with organizations including No Food Waste, Nilalgal, Sri Pandi Durga Sai Baba Seva Foundation, United Orphanage for differently-abled, and the Universal Peace Foundation. Representatives of NGOs and entrepreneur Dynamic Natarajan were present at the event.

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