Celebrating Cancer Survivors


Dr.Madhulika Vijayakumar, Radiation Oncologist, PSG Hospitals

National Cancer Survivors Day is an annual worldwide celebration of life that is held on the first Sunday in June. It is a day to recognise cancer survivors, raise awareness of the ongoing challenges cancer survivors face because of their diseases- most importantly – celebrate life.

A survivor or anyone is living with a history of cancer, from the moment of diagnosis through the remainder of life. This day gives these survivors and those who support them – a special day each year to celebrate life and to show the world that you can have a good life after a cancer diagnosis. When people hear the words “you have cancer, it can be very frightening. But there is hope”.

Today’s cancer survivors are living longer, better quality of life than ever before.

Whether you’re still in treatment or long since finished, there are many ways to continue to take care of yourself as a cancer survivor. Eating healthy, getting regular physical activity and getting recommended cancer screening are an important part of the equation.

Cancer survivors start appreciating life more and being more accepting of themselves.

They use the experience as opportunities for creative self-transformation into a better person or as motivation to meet goals of great personal importance.

Survivor- you are an inspiration to those who know you…. walking in faith … seeking strength……

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